NFL 2019 Blog

We’re getting out of the pick-posting business. Rufus explained why on his Twitter feed September 8. Quoting @RufusPeabody here…

“Not blogging @MasseyPeabody NFL plays this year. Why? It’s one input to my betting but not the only one. It doesn’t feel right to give out a ‘model play’ on, for example, the Bengals, while I’m not betting it myself because of my other inputs (player-level stuff).”

“We’ll still publish our NFL power ratings every week, and I’ll give out a few plays on @BetTheProcess. You can easily calculate MP lines by looking at the difference in team ratings and adding in home field advantage (on average about 2.4 points).”

“In short, the information that went into the picks the previous decade is still there, and still free. You can still bet based off of it or use it as a data point for your betting, but you’ll just need to do a *little* bit more work.”

“Giving out picks is the thing I least like to do in this space. I hate the tout space (including the free tout space). It started as a way to show that our rating system actually had value, but now it’s become a chore, and one I don’t like.”