NFL 2013

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Playoff Projections

NFL postseason projections, compiled and changed throughout the playoffs.

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Power Rankings

View our chart, updated weekly, showing the latest Massey-Peabody Power Rankings.

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Rankings By Week

Our weekly spreadsheet with rankings for each week of the season. Excel file available.

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Rankings by Division

View our chart, updated weekly, showing the latest Massey-Peabody Power Rankings by Division.

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NFL 2013 Weekly Picks


NFL Conference Championship Picks

I apologize for the delay in blogging the picks this week. I’ve been driving cross-country the last few days and am just now getting back to normalcy. Last weekend was disappointing, as the Panthers, our big play, let us down. Anyone following my twitter during the game saw that I was more than a little…


NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

That was a pretty freaking awesome weekend of football! As a Chiefs moneyline backer, Saturday afternoon was a little less pleasant, but still, there was not a single boring game the entire weekend. The good news: Massey-Peabody leaned to the correct side in each game (well, there was no correct side in GB/SF as it…


NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Picks

Happy New Year from Cade and me! It’s been an excellent year personally and professionally for both of us. We made improvements to our NFL model and had our best regular season yet, and we recovered from a dreadful start to finish above .500 in our first year of college football picks (with an excellent record…


NFL Week 17 Picks

Merry Christmas everybody! Heading into the final week of the season, our picks appear poised for another profitable year. Last week was another strong week, with our Big Plays going 1-1, our Other Plays 1-0, and Break-Even or Better selections 2-1. In terms of line move value, both Big Plays did not move. Our Falcons pick moved 2.5 points…