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Power Rankings

View our chart, updated weekly, showing the latest Massey-Peabody Power Rankings.

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Rankings By Week

Our weekly rankings for each week of the season.
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Power Rankings Changes

Here’s a chart to help you visualize our power rankings as they evolve throughout the season.

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2014 NFL Futures

Playoff predictions based on our simulating the remainder of the season 10,000 times.

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NFL 2014 Blog

2017 “Big Game” Pick

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Apologies for not updating this sooner…been a crazy 10 days out in Vegas doing prop betting. Believe it or not, we do have a play–well, it’s officially going to have to be a lean, but if you can price shop, it’s good enough to be an “Other Play”. We make the Patriots a 4.7-point favorite (and…

2017 NFL Divisional Picks


We didn’t have a single official pick last week–we did have a lean on Seattle, which won–but unfortunately, for the seconds straight week, we don’t see much value on sides. In fact, three of the four games are within a tenth of a point of the market. For those of you who really want SOMETHING to…

Playoff %s, Wildcard Round

Our projections, as we begin the playoffs: Team Div Alive Conf Alive Conf Champ SB Win NE 100.0% 87.3% 61.5% 36.6% DAL 100.0% 70.0% 41.7% 19.1% ATL 100.0% 63.3% 29.6% 13.4% KC 100.0% 61.0% 20.8% 9.9% PIT 80.1% 35.1% 12.2% 6.6% SEA 77.2% 28.9% 13.4% 6.5% GB 68.1% 24.7% 10.6% 4.8% NYG 31.9% 8.9% 3.4%…

2016 NFL Week 17


As usual, this year’s Week 17 games provide a set of unique circumstances in many cases. There are four teams who have their seed completely locked up and have very little incentive to play starters–New York, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Houston. Point spreads for those games are pretty disconnected from the actual strength of the teams, so…