NFL 2014

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Power Rankings

View our chart, updated weekly, showing the latest Massey-Peabody Power Rankings.

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Rankings By Week

Our weekly rankings for each week of the season.
Excel file available.

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Power Rankings Changes

Here’s a chart to help you visualize our power rankings as they evolve throughout the season.

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2014 NFL Futures

Playoff predictions based on our simulating the remainder of the season 10,000 times.

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NFL 2014 Blog

2018 NFL Wild Card Picks


Big Plays (21-29-3 YTD) Tennessee +8.5 at Kansas City [MP Line: TEN +5.0] Other Plays (23.5-7-0.5 YTD) Buffalo +8.5/+9 at Jacksonville [MP Line: BUF +7.4] Break-Even or Better (unofficial leans) (15.5-12-1.5 YTD) Carolina +6.5 at New Orleans [MP Line: CAR +4.8] In the one remaining game, we make the LA Rams a 6.4-point favorite hosting…

2017 NFL Week 17 Picks


It’s the final week of the regular season, and an unusually large number of playoff-bound teams have little to no incentive to win. Two teams (Kansas City and the LA Rams) have announced that they will be resting their key starters, which makes a lot of sense given their position and that they won’t have…